Seating Open for the LAN-Before-Time!

Our next LAN, dubbed the LAN Before Time, is now open for registration! Hurry over to ALP and grab a seat before they’re all gone!

The LAN Before Time will be held on March 6-8, on the usual Friday 4pm – Sunday 4pm schedule. Be there, or be square!

Your friendly intergalactic bounty hunter,
– DragonBlade

Forums Down

We are sad to report that the Pong forums are currently down, and will likely remain offline for the foreseeable future. This is due to a sudden influx of technical difficulties *cough* spam-bots *cough* which ended with numerous questionable links being posted and the eventual site take down by Stout. We are working hard to implement stronger security measures and get the forums back up as soon as possible, but in the mean time we apologize for the inconvenience.

Also, PONG would like to reiterate that we in no way condone illegal distribution of software (aka pirating)

Have a great semester!

Pwning bots all day,
- DragonBlade

LAN Sign-up New Year’s Day!

Do you want to attend the next PONG LAN party? If you do, and we know you do, here is everything you need to know!

The upcoming LAN, known as the Forever-A-Lan, will be taking place on February 6-8, with the usual Friday @ 4pm through Sunday @ 4pm schedule. Signups for seats will be opening New Year’s Day, (Thursday, January 1) at 6pm sharp. If you want to reserve that special seat you like, make sure to be there! To inquire about group seating, please contact our Event Coordinator Goldenacorn93 at

Signups will take place on the PONG ALP page, linked here.

On a quest to save the galaxy,
– DragonBlade

Have a Great Winter Break!

Finals week has come to a close, and PONG hopes you have a great winter break!

We are currently in the midst of planning next semester’s LAN parties, which are scheduled for February 6-8 and March 6-8 respectively. As a bit of a New Year’s event, seating registration for the February LAN will open on January 1, so be ready to grab a seat! We will make announcements before seating opens, so stay tuned!

Never changing (just like war),

– DragonBlade

Turducken LAN This Weekend!

This time is finally upon us once again; this weekend will see our newest LAN party! As a final reminder, the LAN will start on Friday, Nov. 21 at 4:00pm and will run until 4:00pm Sunday. As always, setup will begin at noon on Friday and we welcome any and all help.

The new tournament schedule is now up here, so feel free to take a gander. You will notice that we are running fewer official tournaments this time around; this is to prevent scheduling conflicts between tournaments, and also to keep time open for the games YOU want to play.

Hope to see you all there!

Always super effective,
– DragonBlade

Turducken LAN Registrations Are Now OPEN

Registrations have officially opened! Go on over to ALP to reserve your seat. But hurry as they are filling up fast!

See you all there!
-Zipzap (Lucas)

Thanks For Attending the EXPO LAN!

Sincere thank you to all who attended this past EXPO LAN; because of you it was a roaring success! If you want to revel in the good times past, you can check out all the beautiful pictures our Promoter took throughout the event on our Facebook page (which you can conveniently find here)!

The EXPO may be over, but fret not because the next LAN is already being prepared! The next LAN will be held on Friday, November 21 through Sunday, November 23, and will officially be known as the Turducken LAN! Be sure to stop by our meetings for more information or if you want to throw in your ideas for events during the LAN.

On his way to another castle,
- DragonBlade

Kicking Things Off!

The start of the school year is upon us, and we here at PONG have loads of info for those who wish to get involved with Stout’s resident gaming org!

First off, Backyard Bash is this Tuesday (September 2nd), and you can bet we’ll be there! If you are interested in the org or the LANs we host, want information or tips on how to become involved, or even need help troubleshooting your network problems, PONG will be happy to oblige. So make sure to stop by and say hi!

The following week, PONG will be hosting our first official meeting of the semester on Tuesday, September 9 at 7PM in the MSC Ballroom B. The meeting is open to anyone who wishes to attend, and we will cover several topics such as what exactly PONG is, how you can get involved with the org, and (most importantly) details on our first event, the EXPO LAN! Important info on how and when seating for the LAN will be assigned will be covered, so if you have any interest in attending our LAN parties, we highly suggest you attend. If you can’t physically be at the meeting however, we will be streaming it for the entire duration via our Twitch channel (, so you don’t have to miss anything!

Lastly, the thing you all really care about, our first LAN party known as the EXPO LAN will be held Friday, October 3 at 4PM through Sunday, October 5 at 4PM in the MSC Great Hall. Setup for the event begins around noon on Friday, and we invite anyone who is willing to come help us out. For many students the EXPO LAN is their very first, so lets make it a great one!

A Winner Is You,
– DragonBlade

Summer Greetings and EXPO LAN Info!

ATTENTION!  We are currently in the process of updating and redoing our web servers.  As such, some features may be off line, and others may be broken.  Please report any broken links or other issues on our forums.  Pages that we know are broken will say so.  Sorry for any inconvenience.


Greetings! We hope you are all having an excellent summer break, a time we all know should be spent inside playing video games!

Your friendly neighborhood PONG execs have been hard at work preparing for the new school year’s first LAN event, the 2014 EXPO LAN! This 48-hour LAN will be taking place on Friday, October 3 at 4PM, and will run through Sunday, October 5 at 4PM. We will be able to accommodate a total of 360 attendees (!) by utilizing both the Great Hall and the nearby ballrooms in the MSC. As always, current Stout students will have first priority registration, after which sign-up will be available to all who wish to attend.

On a side note, the upcoming EXPO LAN will be the very first event run by the (almost) all new PONG Exec board! If you wish to know who these new overlords are, check out the executive board page here!

First Blood,
- DragonBlade

LoL All-Stars Viewing Party

Hey everyone!

I hope your semesters are going well so far! We’re going to be hosting a viewing party for the League of Legends All-Stars event on May 8th at noon. The event will be announced when we have more information. Hope to see you all there!

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