At long last, the new and improved PONG website is up for business! As with any new site, there are bound to be bugs or errors, so we ask that if you come across anything that is wonky, please report it to the PONG Facebook page and we will look into it as soon as possible.

Now for some end of semester news:

If you haven’t heard, this semester has seen a band of miscreants added to the PONG Executive board, in order to fill the dark void left behind by our recently departed president RogueMallard, as well as tournament coordinator Nirganzerix, not to mention the cursed position of treasurer. There fine lads are:

Graham “PREDATOR” Hervat – Vice President

Ronnie “Firepuppy” Smith – Treasurer

Mitch “Thrawn” Clayton – Tournament Coordinator

And finally, our previous Vice President Tyranico, having been bestowed the righteous Ban Hammer,  has now ascended the throne as PONG President. LONG LIVE THE KING!

So say we all,

- DragonBlade


Summer Greetings and EXPO LAN Info!

Greetings! We hope you are all having an excellent summer break, a time we all know should be spent inside playing video games!

Your friendly neighborhood PONG execs have been hard at work preparing for the new school year’s first LAN event, the 2014 EXPO LAN! This 48-hour LAN will be taking place on Friday, October 3 at 4PM, and will run through Sunday, October 5 at 4PM. We will be able to accommodate a total of 360 attendees (!) by utilizing both the Great Hall and the nearby ballrooms in the MSC. As always, current Stout students will have first priority registration, after which sign-up will be available to all who wish to attend.

On a side note, the upcoming EXPO LAN will be the very first event run by the (almost) all new PONG Exec board! If you wish to know who these new overlords are, check out the executive board page here!

First Blood,
- DragonBlade

LoL All-Stars Viewing Party

Hey everyone!

I hope your semesters are going well so far! We’re going to be hosting a viewing party for the League of Legends All-Stars event on May 8th at noon. The event will be announced when we have more information. Hope to see you all there!

Spring and Beyond!

Hello Everyone!

With the Forever A LAN in the past, we don’t have any future major LANs scheduled for the rest of the semester. But, fear not! We will be trying to host a few smaller events or activities throughout the rest of the spring semester. Make sure to check our website or Facebook page to stay updated!

Other than events, we also have elections coming up this semester! We will be running elections to decide Executive positions starting next Fall. Make sure to attend the PONG general meetings that occur biweekly on Wednesdays, with the next being on March 5th!

PONG Forever A LAN

Hello everyone!

The next PONG LAN is the PONG Forever A LAN! This is the third, and sadly final, LAN of the school year.

Bring your desktop, or play light on a laptop. Just come on over to the Stout campus in Menomonie for 48 hours of fun!

To register for the LAN, go to, create an account, click Seating Chart, and pick a spot. YOU MUST SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE TO COUNT AS REGISTERED. If you do not pick a spot, you are not considered registered! You are free to move around and change seats on ALP even after you pick a seat.

ALL attendees MUST preregister at

Students MUST also register on OrgSync to sign the risk awareness form electronically. Go to, sign in with your Stout username and password. Instructions will be posted soon.

Registering gives us numbers to send to Sponsors to get more AWESOME prizes! It is important that you register early so we can send those numbers to our Sponsors!

The Space LAN will be held in the Great Hall in the MSC for 48 hours on February 7th at 4:00pm to February 9th at 4:00pm.

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